Well perhaps not love exactly, but when it comes to relationships with your financial adviser, Advice SA provides all the other important elements of successful relationships.

Honesty, integrity and open communication play a key part of the process to help you work towards your retirement goals.  Like your ongoing relationship with your doctor or hairdresser, Advice SA financial adviser Mark Bastiaans gets to know your personal information over a number of years – it’s not just a once off meeting.  You are able to access the same adviser to review your situation as your circumstances change, or to check in for a bit of financial ‘housekeeping’.

Like all successful relationships, Advice SA is flexible in its approach to communicating with you.  Our office or yours, email or phone call, business hours or on the weekend – it’s all about fitting in with your schedule and what works for your communication style.

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Sharing information and ensuring that you understand all the options for your individual situations is paramount at Advice SA.  For full transparency, Advice SA’s fee-for-service approach means you won’t be deceived into paying for services that you don’t need.

Take the first steps to building a positive relationship with a financial adviser, by booking a free consultation with Advice SA today.  Find out what’s possible for you.

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