Aged care financial advice

Knowing what to do and what your options are when you or your loved one can no longer live independently can be confusing. The financial issues of aged care are complex, and you need to obtain an accurate understanding of the facts as they apply to you and your unique needs. Just getting a basic understanding of what forms to complete, when to complete them and where to send them can be a difficult path the navigate.

Getting the right information and advice now will help you make the best choices for you or your loved one’s future care, security, and happiness. Plan to give yourself and your family time to make the best decision.

At Advice SA, our advisers specialise in helping families transition a loved one from home or hospital into aged care. We evaluate your unique financial situation to see exactly how we can help you ease the administrative burden, minimise aged care fees and maximise social security benefits.

Finding an aged care facility

Locating an aged care facility that meets the individuals needs can be a difficult task, especially when time frames are typically very short. While Advice SA can provide the financial advice on funding entry into an aged care facility, we collaborate with several specialist Aged Care Placement firms to locate a suitable bed. These firms maintain strong relationships with aged care facilities, understanding who they are best suited for and general availability of beds.

Advice SA Aged Care advice

Advice SA’s specialist Aged Care advisers can assist you in making sense of the aged care system and base their decisions on sound financial advice. We offer you detailed advice considering your personal circumstances by:

  • Illustrating how the Government may subsidise your aged care costs
  • Analysing a range of payment options for your residential care
  • Providing detailed cash flows, considering available tax offsets and Centrelink exemptions
  • Projecting future asset values for beneficiaries
  • Modelling the impact of concessions for your home

How does it work?

Contact Advice SA to arrange an Aged Care advice appointment, which includes:

  • An initial general discussion to understand what services your require
  • Completion of an aged care questionnaire
  • Review of the returned questionnaire and follow up discussion if required
  • Preparation of a comprehensive aged care strategy paper specific to your circumstances, comparing accommodation funding options
  • Presentation of the strategy paper, answer questions and discuss any associated issues


There is no charge for your initial obligation free, general discussion.

Then our advice is fee-for-service, based on the time taken to provide the advice you require. As a guide, if the returned questionnaire is complete, the preparation of the strategy paper and presentation meetings cost approximately $2,200 to $3,300 (including GST).

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