Financial Coaching with MoneyED

Financial Coaching

Advice SA Financial Coaches can support and empower you to build and maintain your financial wellbeing. Through one-on-one sessions, action plans, and our online tool, MoneyED, your Financial Coach will:

  • Work with you to understanding your financial situation.
  • Help you to address immediate financial issues.
  • Help you to establish and achieve your financial goals.
  • Support you in taking action to meet your goals.
  • Help you to improve financial behaviours like budgeting and saving.
  • Build your financial knowledge and empower you to make more informed financial decisions.
  • Alleviate stress associated with your finances.
  • Improve your financial position.
  • Help identify and arrange financial advice when appropriate.

Financial Coach or a Financial Adviser?

The difference between an adviser and coach is like the difference between a specialist and a GP. The specialist can provide expert advice in relation to a particular issue, but they usually refer you back to your GP for day-to-day issues. In the same way, a Financial Adviser can provide advice on major decisions, like where to invest your money, but it’s your Financial Coach that will work with you on the practical steps, like saving money, changing your insurance or setting up a will.

You might not initially need specialist advice, you might just need to understand your options or build skills and knowledge which help you improve your situation. And when, or if it’s appropriate, a Financial Coach can help you identify when it’s time to call in the specialist. Advice SA’s Financial Coaches and Advisers work together, and both are focused on helping you to improve your overall financial wellbeing.

When might you need a Financial Coach?

There are a number of challenges that a Financial Coach can help you navigate; including:

  • Investing for the first time.
  • Change in income or employment
  • Moving out of home for the first time.
  • Funding higher education debt
  • Getting married, starting a family or change in marital status.
  • Buying a home
  • Achieving a goal like buying a home or preparing for retirement.
  • Sense of being overwhelmed by financial commitments
  • Or just trying to make the most out of your finances.

Financial Goals Programme

Our Financial Coaching sessions are designed to provide practical assistance to help you achieve specific goals or deal with life events including:

  • Getting your finances on track.
  • Saving for your first home.
  • Starting a family.
  • Preparing for retirement.
  • Receiving an inheritance.
  • Managing your debt.
  • And many more. . .


One off Financial Coaching

The cost for a single, one hour Financial Coaching session is $220 (incl. GST). This cost provides:

  • One-on-one session with a Financial Coach
  • Developed action plan including:
    • Personal Financial Profile.
    • Custom coaching plan.
    • Curated online modules and resources.
    • Access to Guideway’s financial advisers, mortgage brokers and other specialists. Initial appointment is fee and obligation free.

Ongoing Financial Coaching

Individualised programmes provide ongoing coaching and support and are ideal for anyone working towards achieving short, medium, or long term financial goals.

Our individualised programmes can be initiated as a standalone service or after completion of an initial Goals Programme.

(Singles: $55/month incl GST)

(Couples: $80/month incl GST)

  • Quarterly coaching Sessions.
  • Curated online modules and resources.
  • Dedicated support email.
  • Access to Guideway’s financial advisers, mortgage brokers and other specialists when required. Initial appointment is fee and obligation free.
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