Closed to new members in July 1990, the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS) was established to provide superannuation benefits for Australian Government employees and associated employers. The scheme is a hybrid of defined benefits and accumulated benefits.

How Advice SA can help CSS members

The CSS is considered to be one of the most generous defined benefit schemes in Australia with particularly favourable entitlements for its members upon retirement. Seeking advice from someone with an in-depth understanding of the complex workings of this scheme is therefore paramount to ensure you maximise your benefit.

Advice SA’s licensed advisers have extensive experience advising CSS members on how best to optimise their entitlement including contribution strategies, 54/11 considerations, impact of any redundancy on a CSS benefit, and timing factors for benefit claims amongst a range of other issues.

Common areas we provide advice to CSS members include:

  • Retirement planning
  • Planning a 54/11 claim
  • Contribution optimisation to maximise retirement benefit
  • Contributions at retirement to increase the CSS lifetime pension
  • Best time to claim the retirement benefit
  • Redundancy impacts on a CSS entitlement
  • Determining which benefit option is best suited to the client’s circumstances
  • Transfer Balance Cap management
  • Managing the tax consequences associated with CSS
  • Additional contribution considerations such as salary sacrifice
  • Choosing the right investment option in the lead up to retirement

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