NGS Super

Established in 1988 initially for teachers at non-government schools (hence ‘NGS’), the not-for-profit NGS Super has expanded its focus to the broader education and community sectors and is today open to anyone from the general public.

How Advice SA can help NGS Super members

In operation for almost 35 years and with products covering every phase of their working life through to retirement, NGS Super members have broad advice needs. Advice SA licensed advisers provide NGS Super members with the full spectrum of advice from investment choice and insurance advice, to transition to retirement and full retirement planning.

Advice SA can provide advice on the following NGS Super products:

SuperannuationRetirement Income streamsInsurance within superannuation
• NGS Accumulation
• NGS Self Managed: Direct Investment Option (DIO)
• NGS RetirementAll insurance options

Common areas we provide advice to NGS Super members include:

  • Transition to retirement
  • NSG Super Income account establishment and structure
  • Contribution strategies
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance
  • Investment Choice
  • Estate Planning including reversionary considerations for income account
  • Age Pension

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