Super SA

For many years Super SA was the compulsory super fund for South Australian public sector employees. Super SA is responsible for all aspects of the administration of these schemes but not for the investment of member funds, which is outsourced to Funds SA. Being a Constitutionally Protected Fund (CPF) – under the Australian Constitution, state government assets can’t be taxed – different arrangements apply to the tax treatment and annual contribution caps applied to concessional or pre-tax contribution to certain Super SA schemes.

Advice SA can provide advice on the following Super SA products:

Advice SA licensed advisers specialise in providing strategic advice to South Australian Public Sector employees and have a strong working knowledge of Super SA products, which have some unique advantages over standard retail or industry funds.

As of the 30 November 2022, new laws came into effect allowing Super SA (including Triple S) members to have more choice and greater flexibility around super, providing significant tax saving opportunities.

Seeking advice from a financial adviser with an in-depth understanding of the complex workings of this scheme is therefore paramount to ensure you maximise your benefit.

Contact us to see how we can use your unique super status to create more tax effective pre-retirement planning strategies, to maximise your future retirement income. You can rest easy in knowing Advice SA advisers will not look to move you out of Super SA products. Instead, our value comes from our strategic planning inside the Super SA system.

Advice SA can provide advice on the following Super SA products:

SuperannuationRetirement Income streamsInsurance within superannuation
• Triple S
• Flexible Rollover Product
• Super SA Select
• Lump Sum Scheme
• Judges Pension Scheme
• Income Steam
• Pension Scheme
All insurance options

Common areas we provide advice to Super SA members include:

  • Managing lifetime taxable ‘untaxed’ plan caps
  • Spouse super splitting
  • Retirement planning
  • Contribution optimisation to maximise retirement benefits
  • Best time to claim retirement benefits
  • Impact of redundancy
  • Determining which benefit option is best suited to the client’s circumstances
  • Transfer Balance Cap management
  • Managing the tax consequences associated with Super SA
  • Additional contribution considerations such as salary sacrifice
  • Choosing the right investment option in the lead up to retirement
  • Strategies to maximise potential Age Pension entitlements

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