There is no greater satisfaction for us than helping our clients achieve their financial goals, and we’re extremely proud of the difference we make to their lives. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us.

I met Mark as I was transitioning from full-time work, to retirement. His knowledge and financial expertise have given me the ability to continue to achieve my lifestyle goals in retirement, in a way that far exceeds my prior expectations. His expert communication skills are always evident and make every interaction a pleasure.

I have recommended Mark to colleagues, who have had similar excellent experiences. I cannot speak highly enough of his educative approach to financial planning - thank you Mark, for your on-going excellence!

Merri (aged 65+) dated 7 February 2018

Mark advised me and my husband on maximising our superannuation and planning for retirement. Mark is very competent and we appreciate his knowledge and experience. He is very easy to understand and is able to explain complex situations and concepts. Mark shows consideration for his clients personal and financial circumstances

Andrea (aged 56-65) testimonial dated 12 December 2018

Mark has been my financial adviser for many years and helped me plan for a very comfortable retirement. He is responsive and approachable and someone I have full trust in. I would highly recommend Mark

Liz (aged 65+) testimonial dated 11 December 2018

Mark has given us advice regarding retirement planning and superannuation options. We have always felt confident with the information that he has provided and comfortable that he has understood our needs and guided us in a professional and individual manner. He always makes us feel confident that he has his client’s best interests at heart

Margaret (aged 65+) testimonial dated 17 April 2019

Mark takes such pleasure in maximising every cent of benefit coming your way. He has incredible knowledge and is very trustworthy.

David (aged 56-65) testimonial dated 26 June 2018

I am confident that the advice I have received will allow me to live comfortably in retirement and do the things I choose to do.

Carola (aged 65+) testimonial dated 21 April 2019

Mark has given me advice in a number of areas, mostly relating to superannuation. He is clear, detailed, well-informed and attentive. And always available to answer brief queries

Michael (aged 65+) testimonial dated 12 December 2018

A comprehensive, well-presented plan

Julie (aged 65+) testimonial dated 27 June 2018

In an environment of corrupt and dishonourable Banks and financial advisers, it was quite miraculous for us to have discovered Mark Bastiaans when he gave us superannuation advice while we were employed. He is thorough, knowledgeable, honest and direct. Since then, we have both retired and followed Mark like faithful old dogs to retain him as our financial adviser. Meanwhile, we have sung his praises to all of our friends, many of whom have gone to him and report the same great impression.

Michael (aged 65+) testimonial dated 2 July 2018

Mark has helped my wife and me over several years, from advising us on contributing to our super funds, to planning our retirement and now on how to manage our income as retired academics. He is able to explain complex financial issues and present us with clear options, and always responds promptly to any queries. We have recommended Mark to our friends who also speak highly of him.

Tom (aged 65+) testimonial dated 18 April 2019

I have the upmost confidence in the advice and guidance I have received from Mark leading up to and now in my retirement. I think he is an exceptional financial adviser.

Eileen (aged 65+) testimonial dated 29 June 2018

I have found Mark to be very ethical in giving financial advice and this is important to me. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to others seeking sound and knowledgeable financial advice.

Ann (aged 56-65) testimonial dated 2 July 2018

Mark’s financial advice has been invaluable to us as a family. We paid off our house years before we expected to be able to do so, based on his advice. It’s not just his knowledge of taxation, superannuation and the wide range of investment markets but, importantly, the way he treats us. The care he takes in preparing advice that suits our particular needs and the respect he has shown when presenting it to us made him very different to other advisers. We know many others who also speak highly of his financial advice and the professional way he has dealt with them

Joanne (aged 56-65) testimonial dated 10 February 2018

Mark has been our superannuation adviser for almost ten years, and we quickly recognised our good luck in finding him. He is highly credentialed academically and very experienced in the intricacies of the marketplace and of superannuation funds management. But Mark has two other attributes that inspire our total confidence. Firstly, he listens attentively and gauges the implications of what we say as we describe our priorities in regard to lifestyle and aspirations. He then tailors our financial plans to meet our wishes rather than fitting us into a predetermined template. Secondly, Mark’s knowledge and skill are complemented by empathy and humor. This has meant that our meetings are always friendly and never merely ‘clinical’. We always leave feeling that our finances are in the best possible hands.

Alan and Judy (aged 65+) testimonial dated 7 February 2018

My wife and I first met Mark when we sought financial advice from UniSuper more than ten years ago. During that time we have developed a strong relationship built on trust. He has demonstrated care and attention to our individual files and provided sound guidance in relation to our needs as a family. Mark manages to be personable and professional at the same time. He has demonstrated great understanding of government policy and university policy and the ways in which these impact on our superannuation savings.
We trust Mark’s advice and we trust him as a person and it is because of this foundation of trust that we feel safe and secure that he is working in our best interests.

John (aged 65+) testimonial dated 12 January 2018

Mark is a friendly, courteous and enthusiastic Adviser. He listens to suggestions and advises accordingly. His knowledge of the Super system is invaluable. Mark is a fantastic Adviser, I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking financial advice.

Gino (aged 56-65) testimonial dated 4 July 2018

Mark has a great wealth of knowledge and is highly experienced in a number of super funds which is great in our situation. We are extremely happy that we have selected Mark to be our advisor

Tina (aged 56-65) testimonial dated 22 April 2019

I first met Mark when I was in a very difficult place financially. Immediately he filled me with confidence by demonstrating a high level of knowledge and understanding.

His subsequent advice has been uncompromised, reliable and thorough yet targeted to me personally. He is never judgemental and always listens patiently in an empathetic manner before giving clear explanations. I would recommend Mark as a dedicated and trustworthy adviser.

Robin (aged 56-65) testimonial dated 31 January 2018

Mark has been very helpful to my partner and myself. He always explains clearly and will spend whatever time is needed so we fully understand. Nothing is too much trouble. Thank you.

Dymphna (aged 65+) testimonial dated 24 April 2019

Mark has provided us with financial advice over the last 10 years and enabled us to prepare for eventual retirement. The advice provided has enabled us to have a relatively smooth transition to retirement with options to make the rest of the transition enjoyable with regular holidays and funds to purchase items required for comfortable living

Steve (aged 56-65) testimonial dated 12 December 2018

Mark guided us through our super planning and retirement. As a result of his guidance we fully understand our super investments and find ourselves with sufficient funds to meet our needs. I have been able to recommend Mark to friends and family who have all been very happy with his help and advice

Linda (aged 65+) testimonial dated 11 December 2018

Mark has been our financial adviser for many years and we are very impressed by his friendly, calm, professional manner and his sound financial advice.

Apart from our regular appointments, we also saw Mark when we needed advice during a difficult time for us of serious illness and early retirement. Mark patiently gave practical advice and helped with complex issues. 

His knowledge and experience enabled us to feel more secure about our financial future.

Margaret (aged 65+) testimonial dated 16 January 2018

Marks ongoing advice has helped me to develop a financially secure retirement.

Kay (aged 65+) testimonial dated 2 July 2018

Mark has an extensive knowledge of Superannuation and Financial matters. He relates his advice in a clear and concise manner

Kevin (aged 56-65) testimonial dated 12 August 2018

My partner and I came to Mark to discuss our personal superannuation funds and to also discuss the options for our surplus cash-flow following repayment of our mortgage. We were very impressed with the personalised professional service and advice given to us, and Mark tailored this specifically to suit our situation and future needs. We felt very comfortable to put our finances in his care and for him to guide us in the right direction. We found Mark to be the most professional of the financial advisers we have encountered. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s services with complete trust and we look forward to a continued relationship with him

Rachel (aged 46-55) testimonial dated 21 February 2018

Mark was instrumental in setting up our retirement incomes with due regard to our lifestyle wants and needs. He is very approachable, listens intently, and acts accordingly to ones wishes and risk profile. We have found Mark to be fully conversant with both the EISS defined benefit scheme and UniSuper, and we do not hesitate in recommending him for superannuation and retirement advice.

Merv and Carol (aged 56-65) testimonial dated 8 February 2018

Mark gave us a very thoughtful appraisal of our situation and his advice regarding the best way to invest our assets was very helpful. Mark has always returned calls and he has been very upfront with regards the services he offers and the charges he makes for those services.

Rob (aged 65+) testimonial dated 18 April 2019

Mark has the ability to ascertain quickly his clients priorities regarding their financial affairs. He explains complex issues in clear and readily accessible terms. He also has a sense of humour.

Sue (aged 65+) testimonial dated 28 June 2018

Mark advised me when I was in the thick of a complex, urgent, and upsetting situation. I was made redundant at the same moment that I was looking to access super-based income protection thanks to having stage 4 (life-ending) cancer. Mark's help was immediate--as soon as I spoke to him I felt relieved. I didn't always understand everything he said (the first time round) but he was patient, accommodating, and absolutely non-judgemental. Plus, I was completely clueless about what to do. His openness and respect for the gravity of my situation were outstanding. Mark saved me a truckload of money but also saved me time and stress.

Heather (aged 46-55) testimonial dated 17 April 2019

My wife and I have found Mark to be professional, friendly and affordable. He understands the financial system, was sensitive to our needs, responsive to our input and offered advice that enabled us to better plan for the future. He speaks in a language we can understand enabling us to make informed decisions.

Bill (aged 65+) testimonial dated 24 January 2018

Mark is a friendly and very approachable adviser who listens carefully and provides advice that allows us to meet both our current and future needs.

Raelene (aged 65+) testimonial dated 27 June 2018
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